5 Most popular features introduced in FileMaker 17

FileMaker 17 is launched with the purpose of letting the users do more without spending much time. The new version also works towards its goal of letting the users do more with the FileMaker platform while they are on the go. This article showcases some of the most popular features:

Redesigned Layouts – FileMaker 17 has got an improved layout design which is more user-friendly. The new version has got the Field tab, Object tab and the Inspector all in a single pane. The new layout is very much responsive. When you move from browse mode to layout mode, the selected panes will slide out automatically.

Layouts FileMaker 17

Sensor support – The new version of FileMaker enables mobile apps to collect data from IOS sensors on the iPad or iPhones. Data captured includes air pressure, location, barometer, accelerometer, battery level etc. The drag and drop function is introduced for sharing of files, photos, links etc between two apps.

FileMaker Admin Console – The new FileMaker admin console is made more responsive and has got a simpler User Interface. The main objective behind it is to enable hassle-free administration of the custom apps. You can now see a graphical representation of the system usage and get more control over the backups.

FileMaker Admin Console

FileMaker Data Migration tool – The Data Migration tool in FileMaker 17 helps in the fast deployment of custom apps. Earlier the migration of date from one FileMaker file to another used to take a lot of time. But now due to the data migration tool, a large amount of data can be migrated within a matter of few minutes or even seconds. This tool is available through the FileMaker Developer Subscription.

Starter apps – FileMaker Pro Advanced has made it easy for the non-developers community to jump-start their development of customized apps. The new platform has around half a dozen starter apps. All are designed to develop different categories of custom apps. They are – Assets, Contacts, Content management, Inventory, Meetings and Tasks. One can easily add fields or tables and customize the app according to the need.

Starter apps FileMaker 17

Wish to upgrade to the newer FileMaker 17 version or have any queries? Contact our team of Certified FileMaker Developers of MetaSys Software, who has more than a decade-long experience in handling FileMaker projects. Our team has garnered high customer satisfaction over our large customer base through effective deployment of projects using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, CWP, PHP API and FileMaker Go. FileMaker development experience includes project management systems, e-commerce shopping sites, cruise booking systems and more.

P.S. FileMaker owns the product and MetaSys do not claim any ownership on the features.


Implementing OAuth in Custom FileMaker Application

This article is a continuation of the FileMaker OAuth 2.0 Authentication  Here we will show you how OAuth works with some sample code and how it can be used to log on to Custom FileMaker application.

Steps Involved-

  1. Configure FileMaker Server / Cloud
  2. Create Application and configure it on provider’s account
  3. Set up Groups or Accounts in FileMaker file

1. Configure FileMaker Server / Cloud

The first step to use OAuth is to enable External Authentication on FileMaker Server/Cloud.

Enabling EA on FileMaker Server: First, you need to login to Admin Console of FileMaker Server and then you can go to Database Server>>Security and in Client Authentication area select FileMaker and External Server Accounts and then enable the OAuth Providers.

Enabling EA on FileMaker Server article 2 image 1

Enabling EA on FileMaker Cloud: In this case, you need to login to Admin Console of FileMaker Cloud and then you can go to Configuration>> Client Authentication, and from there you can enable OAuth Identity Providers.

Enabling EA on FileMaker Cloud article 2 image 2

2. Create Application and configure it on provider’s account

Now that we have enabled OAuth Authentication next we have to Create OAuth Client ID Credentials on provider’s account.


Creating OAuth on Amazon article 2 image 3.png

FileMaker Cloud article 2 image 4

article 2 image 5.jpg


Creating OAuth on Google article 2 image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Microsoft Azure

Creating OAuth on Microsoft Azure image 9

Image 10

Image 11

With Azure, we can also configure to log in with group

  • Create Group in Azure Active Directory
  • Add User to the GroupEnable Group Authentication in Application manifest (set “group membership claims”: “SecurityGroup”)

FileMaker OAuth 2.0 Authentication

In this article, we take a look and understand what is OAuth Authentication in FileMaker? With the release of FileMaker 16, users can log in to a FileMaker database using OAuth 2.0. A feature that will ease the lives of FileMaker developers and their client’s lives as well.

What is Authentication, External Authentication, and OAuth Authentication?


Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity. In authentication, an incoming request is matched with a set of identifying credentials. In FileMaker, Authentication is done by verifying a pair of Username and Password.

Oauth Authentication

External Authentication

External Authentication means we are not using FileMaker’s authentication mechanism and using a third party to do the authentication. FileMaker accepts authentication with these external entities

  • Windows Active Directory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Local Groups/Accounts on FileMaker Server OS
  • And now- New OAuth 2.0 Authentication

The advantages of using external authentication are-

  • Account Management: You can continue to manage accounts with an external provider and can use existing credentials to authenticate FileMaker users. This makes account management simple.
  • Authentication features: You can use other authentication features provided by authentication provider e.g. Two-Factor Authentication


OAuth Authentication

OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications but without giving them the passwords. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter permit the users to login using their accounts with third-party applications or websites.

It allows access tokens to be issued to third-party clients by an authorization server, with the approval of the resource owner. The third party then uses the access token to access the protected resources hosted by the resource server.

OAuth Authentication process

OAuth Authentication in FileMaker

With the release of FileMaker 16, OAuth Authentication is available on FileMaker Server as an external authentication provider.

OAuth supported providers are

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft Azure

OAuth Authentication through third party


  • The database must be hosted on FileMaker Server 16 or higher
  • Fully Qualified Domain with SSL Certificate Required

To use OAuth Authentication, we need to host the database on FileMaker Server 16 or higher which have a Fully Qualified Domain Name and SSL Certificate.

If you are interested in more details on implementation, please click here.


FM Quizillaa – An app way to get FileMaker 16 certified!

FileMaker 16 Certification enhances a developer’s credibility and provides an edge amongst peer programmers. Some clients insist on some tangible proof of your abilities. Whether you are a programmer with a full-time job or student learning FileMaker you still need to prepare yourself for FileMaker 16 Certification exam. MetaSys fulfills this need with FM Quizillaa.

Developers need a well-defined approach to prepare for the exam.  An ideal approach to study with the help of this app is by LEARNING – EXPERIENCING – PRACTICING.

Learning – One can learn about FileMaker 16 by:

  • Taking a class from FileMaker certified trainer
  • Going through the training series
  • Reading all the whitepapers released by FileMaker

Experiencing – After learning from the traditional channels, the next step is to experience the test in the real world. That is not possible unless a person actually gives the exam. FM Quizillaa helps the developers by giving them a real experience of giving the FM 16 certification exam. It follows the same format of questions and answers which are asked in the exam. FM Quizillaa has all the features of FM Quizilla 4 like iPhone/iPad compatibility, module wise tests, practice tests, social sharing, and a dashboard with historical analysis.

Practicing – Developers can practice by giving the test on iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere. In the practice test, the user gets to attempt 65 random questions according to module weightage, similar to the actual FileMaker Certification exam. The FM 16 certification exam tests the individual’s overall knowledge of the FileMaker platform. The questions in FM Quizillaa cover all aspects like -building layouts, defining database schema, writing scripts, deployment, data integration etc.

Developers would enjoy the gamification element of the app where they can compete with their friends. With the social sharing function, they can tweet the test score to their friends and competitors. Mistakes are corrected along the way and lead to learning. Plus you can practice anywhere anytime!!

FM Quizillaa increases your confidence level while appearing for the FileMaker 16 Certification Exam the app can be downloaded from the app store.

Please note: FM Quizilla 4 users are entitled to a discount if they upgrade the app through In-App purchase to the latest FM Quizillaa.




What’s new in FileMaker 16?

FileMaker 16 will change the way how custom apps are built. The new version provides ample scope for the professional developers to try out new features. It also offers a lot of educational content in order to help the developers.

So what’s new in FileMaker 16? Some of the most important features in this platform are:

  • Better support with iBeacons – FileMaker 16 automatically looks for known beacons and it can also be used to set up geofences. In the earlier version, one had to actively scan them.
  • Login via multiple platforms – Historically, FileMaker allowed single sign-on authentication through Windows or Mac OS X. Now it is possible to log in to FileMaker through Google, Amazon or Microsoft Azure. FileMaker 16 supports ‘OAuth’ which allows integration with external cloud authentication providers.


  • Support for JSON – FileMaker 16 allows accessing JSON in FileMaker. This will help in sharing of data from non – FileMaker sites. It solves the major problem of passing data from different sources to FileMaker. The new version is trying to move closer towards the objective of reaching out to a phase wherein it will be easily possible for FileMaker to connect with other services and vice versa.
  • Look and feel – The new version of FileMaker allows single-document interface model which liberates itself from the application frame. This makes the app look as a part of Windows 10 platform.

card window.jpg

Another feature is ‘Card window’ which is basically without a window frame and a menu bar giving a more browser like experience.

  • Usability –All document Windows are independent of one another hence they can be placed anywhere on the monitor. There is information about all the functions available in the Specify Calculation Dialog Box. This box provides information about the specific function. Copy pasting value lists with standard keyboard functions in FileMaker Pro is now possible.
  • Lock icons – You can view the encryption information about your connection and host by clicking on the lock icon.
  • Improved layout Objects Window – With FileMaker 16, you can easily select, hide or name objects that are present on the current layout.
  • Scripting – You can run a specified script when an Ios device enters a specific region. One can also open the Launch Center for opening, creating and managing FileMaker applications. Some other scripting changes are:
    • The zoom and volume settings for video can be changed.
    • You can provide animations when users switch or move across layouts helping the user to visually orient himself which further enriches the mobile user experience.
    • An enhanced signature capture using transitions provides a great user experience.
    • With the Print Now function one can create PDFs in the web browser.

MetaSys Software develops custom applications using Dot Net, PHP-MySQL, and FileMaker Pro. We have a team of Certified FileMaker developers with over 12 years of experience building FileMaker applications.

As a FileMaker Business Alliance Member, we are also authorized resellers of FileMaker licenses. If you are looking to buy any of the FileMaker licenses then please click here.


MetaBiz – A FileMaker based Custom App

Small and Medium Businesses have to deal with the several challenges,

How to automate repetitive processes and become more efficient?

How to have the overall picture and know what needs attention and when?

How do we grow the business?

How to have all customer contact information distributed among employees in one place?

How do we keep track of all customer initiatives?
How can we grow revenue per customer? Grow revenue per employee?

Workflow Management Software and CRM Software helps to manage these. There are several products available. The challenge is that while packaged software is affordable they are expensive to customize. The average Small business finds the development of customized software expensive and time-consuming.

If you are struggling with these issues MetaBiz offers a very cost effective easy to customize the solutions.

‘MetaBiz’ a Multi-platform business management software has all the core functionalities required by small and medium businesses. It can be quickly customized to suit different business processes! MetaBiz is a business & workflow management software built using FileMaker Pro making it highly accessible across multiple devices like desktop, iPad, and iPhone. Web access is possible as much as is natively supported by the WebDirect feature within FileMaker.

Some of the business processes where MetaBiz can add value:

  1. Contact Management- This module offers more than just contact information. MetaBiz offers a solution through which you can organize all the details about a particular lead like contact details, communication History, invoices, project details, action details etc.
  2. Inventory planning and management – Entrepreneurs should have a deep understanding of demand and supply equation across all products. A business software can help in lowering costs, prevent errors in demand and supply of stock and speed up fulfilling client orders. MetaBiz can play an important role here. The software stores product catalog along with specifications and pricing details in the system. The inventory log gets automatically updated whenever an invoice is generated. This helps in proper inventory planning and management.
  3. Workflow Management – MetaBiz lets you streamline your workflow processes by setting up multiple actions. You can create alert for those who need to take a particular action, prioritize actions and mark them completed when it’s done, set deadlines and keep the process moving as per the timeline. This helps in effective workflow management. You can also view the ‘Actions’ in the calendar by checking on ‘Show on calendar’ settings.
  4. Business analytics – A business needs to take sound commercial decisions by effectively interpreting the available data to provide actionable insights. MetaBiz just does that. It helps in determining accurate project cost on the basis of billable hours and product costs.  Predefined reports based on timesheet, invoices, and actions can be generated to get a detailed perspective. Also, invoices within a specific date range can be accessed easily. Additional reports can be created as needed.
  5. User & Application Management – User management is important for setting up a secure system. MetaBiz User management system offers much more than just security. The software allows the Administrator to manage users and user roles, track their timesheets, set up and manage Company Info, Company logo, currency, Invoice templates and much more.
  6. Mail management – MetaBiz can be configured to send mails via an Email Client or SMTP server or Outlook account. The Outlook Manipulator plugin in the software allows all the Outlook data – Mails, contacts, calendar to be accessed from within the application. All critical client-related information is available at one place and not residing in individual mailboxes. Data resides centrally and accessible to authenticated users of the system. This is an Add-On feature offered by MetaBiz.

MetaBiz can be customized according to the business requirement of the client. For more information get in touch with us or download the trial version.





How FileMaker 15 is transforming the business of building custom apps?

FileMaker provides custom apps across devices and platforms like iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. The latest version of FileMaker has got enhanced features in terms of mobility, security, automation, ease of use and performance. These new features are simplifying the development of custom apps which can work across different platforms.

FileMaker’s core idea is to facilitate developers to create custom apps that are required by small and medium businesses. To help this FileMaker provides an extensive array of readymade templates. This reduces time to get started with the development and leaves more time to work on a more complex design and development. The enhanced features in FileMaker 15 will transform the business of building custom apps.

FileMaker Pro 15 is carrying forward the direction of the company to increase mobility with the help of some enhanced features. Some of these are:

·  An additional security feature i.e. the Concealed Box will help users to be more careful with the content. The Concealed Edit Box feature does not reveal the content typed in the field to the onlookers as they just see some dots.

·  Solutions which are frequently used can be added to the Quick Actions thus enabling a quicker way to access FileMaker solution.

· FileMaker Pro 15 sends notifications for any kind of software updates. One can easily download and install the update within FileMaker Pro 15. This was not possible in the earlier version.

·  A Lot of improvements have been made in the Script Workspace. Script Errors are highlighted in red colour. So one can rectify the scripts immediately. There is an Unlimited Undo option which will give the users more freedom in creating something new and unique.

New features introduced in FileMaker Go 15 will give rich user experience for iOS users. Some of them are as follows:

·  Touch ID adds an extra layer of security to the existing features in your application. This will allow the users to login into the application using the fingerprint. For phones without the Touch ID sensors, there will be a device passcode.

·  The FileMaker app can be integrated with iBeacons. FileMaker Go 15 can associate data like text, image, video etc.  to the specific locations where iBeacons are present.

Your custom app can be further extended/linked to web using FileMaker/PHP API thus providing more opportunities.

MetaSys has a dedicated team of FileMaker developers, with experience in FileMaker 15. In case you have any queries related to FileMaker or looking for a quick solution catering to your business feel free to contact us.

Also, we are authorized resellers of FileMaker licenses. If you are looking to buy any of the FileMaker licenses then please click here.